Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021

Volunteers, donors and allied organizations: we are honored to be able to call all of you Friends, and for you to be part of this wonderful community.

The pandemic brought us big challenges, but it also taught us huge lessons. In this time, we reaffirmed that facing a crisis is more bearable if we work together, rather than trying to do it individually. Yo’o Guatemala brings together that collective work which is characterized by having diverse social capital. That diversity is formed by a group of volunteers who relate to the philosophy of accompanying our community with respect and dignity.

With these words we began an emotional virtual reunion in which we were pleased to present the achievements obtained during 2021, all the lessons that this year left us and the biggest challenge we decided to take on: taking responsibility for attending the educational needs of students who receive scholarships. We began that challenge with a new program named Qa Tzoleb’aal (which means “Our School” in Q’eqchi’.)

Our virtual presentation took place on April 9, in the company of dear friends of the project, with whom we made a pleasant journey through the images, anecdotes and relevant data that testify to the social transformation that is possible when people join forces looking for common good.

Relive the experience of this reunion here! (recorded in Spanish)

Use the following link to download a copy of the annual report.

Download Annual Report YG 2021 (PDF, 6MB)

We are planning new initiatives to help us ensure the continuity of our programs and achieve new goals this year.

There are many ways to contribute and be part of the change!

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