Yoo Guatemala

Approach Yo’o Purulhá

Small big leaders

We seek to motivate and prepare children for high-level leadership and community roles. To that extent, we emphasize teaching values such as self-esteem, self-reliance, solidarity, good citizenship, as well as cooperative, moral, social, and gender principles. Young leaders also learn how to develop emotional abilities that will help them in their work life. In addition, their participation in these programs gives them fresh ideas and creativity that in the end benefits everyone.

Beyond my community

Once a year we invite our top readers for a trip to Guatemala City. During the trip, we seek to reward participants for their hard work as readers, and we try to expand their world-view. Our field trip starts with a visit to the International Book Fair in Guatemala City, then a fire station, a play at the city theater, a museum, the park that houses the famous Guatemalan relief map, and many other places, whenever time permits.