First milestone reached: Congratulations Albertina!

First milestone reached: Congratulations Albertina!

For most of us finishing primary school is something we take for granted. However, here in Guatemala, and specially in the countryside, this is not the norm for girls.

Most of the girls here have to overcome a series of obstacles that include from having to procure for themselves at least ONE meal a day, to achieve academic success in a language that is not the one they speak at home.

Moreover, some of them must overcome school bullying, some even physical handicaps, and the distance between their home and their school, which in the countryside could be very far.

However, none of that kept our dear Albertina from graduating, and achieving one of her academic dreams. She always dreamed of having the opportunity to continue her education, and she’s working hard for it.

We all are very proud of you, and want to be with you as you achieve many other goals.

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  1. Eric Lindholm

    I would like to sponsor a girl.Is there a normal donation per month?Or do you just accept donations for the whole community?What ever you think,I would like to help.

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