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Reading Club “Bare Feet Kids Can Read As Well”

After finishing a book, every reader completes a personal reading comprehension session at the library where the content of the book is discussed. During the session, we encourage the comparative, and rational thinking of each reader. Sometimes, these personal sessions are done through video conference with volunteers from different places.

This methodology has been so inspiring, that it has increased readership and expanded the depth of the topics covered.

The Legend’s Owl

The children and young people that participate in our reading program, have the opportunity to receive a new book from a generous person. This is how it works:

As soon as each child achieves his/her reading goal, a picture is sent to Sophos Bookstore in Guatemala City and placed at the bookstore’s entrance. Patrons coming in and out of Sophos bookstore can see pictures of the children, read about their achievements in the reading program, and their reading preferences. Patrons can then become donors by buying and sending a new book to any of the kids participating in the reading program.